About Kevin

I’d like to welcome you to my website, and introduce myself, as your local Member of Parliament for the Pilbara.

I was born in Golden Rock, a small town in India, and I moved to Australia as a young man.

I worked as an air-conditioning and refrigeration technician across Australia, from Coffs Harbor, to Melbourne, and all the way to Perth.

Once I moved to Perth, I fell in love with Western Australia’s rugged beauty. I love four-wheel driving and fishing. I loved the weather.  Every weekend I would be off fishing and exploring this wonderful land. Having previously travelled to carry out works in Karratha, I decided to move there permanently in 2002.

I loved the beautiful landscape and I was captivated by the red sand. Every weekend I was off fishing or camping with my mates. I worked hard, and eventually started working as a site manager maintaining the air-conditioning plants at the North West Shelf gas plant. There is a great community spirit in the Pilbara, I made great friends and I got involved with local sports. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Moving to the Pilbara was one of the best decisions I ever made.

In 2010, I started my own business in partnership with a friend. We had two offices; one was in Karratha and one in Port Hedland. We worked very long hours building the business, and we went from strength to strength.  We expanded the business and diversified into electrical.

In 2014, I bought out my business partner and grew my business to 24 staff, including two apprentices. We completed a number of big contracts in Karratha and Port Hedland, and I worked in Roebourne, Point Samson, Newman, Marble Bar, Jigalong, Jimblebar, Port Hedland, South Hedland and Roy Hill.

It was during this time when the downturn of the mining boom started to destroy the local Pilbara economy.

The Barnett – Harvey Liberal National State Government put the State’s finances forty billion dollars in debt.

The Nationals wanted to pay for their State debt and their mistakes by imposing a reckless mining tax that would destroy jobs and industry in our Pilbara community.

Huge government projects like the Pilbara Underground Power Project and Wanangkura Stadium were built in the Pilbara without a proper budgetary process, forcing local ratepayers to pay – kicking locals in the teeth while times were already tough.

And the work on these government projects were not given to local Pilbara businesses, saving multinational businesses but destroying the regions.

That’s why I left my business to run for election in 2017.

I fought to ensure a local voice for the Pilbara, and to join the Mark McGowan Labor Government in putting WA jobs first.

As someone who has lived in the Pilbara for more than 18 years, I am very passionate about making sure our unique communities are sustainable.

That means fighting for the local jobs that Pilbara residents and families rely on.

This is my focus – local jobs for local Pilbara residents, with big projects undertaking local procurement and local contract requirements.

For the past two and half years I have been working hard representing the people of the Pilbara, creating local jobs on local projects, delivering the McGowan Government’s Plan for the Pilbara, and securing $1 billion in Royalties for Regions for the Pilbara over four years.

I am here to be a local voice for all Pilbara residents.

As your representative in the State Parliament, I am here to assist you and advocate on your behalf, especially in your dealings with State Government Departments such as Health, Policing and Horizon Power.

Working with the local community to address their concerns is important to me.

If you are a local Pilbara resident and I can assist you or your family with any matter, I would be pleased to speak with you or meet you. You can send an email to [email protected] or call my office on 9144 4113 to arrange a meeting.